Recipe Book No. 3
Louise Mc Cauley

Recipe Book No. 3

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Each Recipe Book contains 12 New Recipes. 

These are the recipes that I have been using in my Fitness Project and I have included only the BEST recipes in these books. 

Each meal is delicious and nutritious. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is approx. 1,500 calories, which leaves you room for snacks during the day too. Examples of snacks include, nuts, fruit, greek yogurt, low cal smoothies. etc. 

All ingredients are available at local supermarket and no special cooking equipment is needed, just your usual kitchen utensils and a blender. 

Each book comes with completely different recipes.

Please note, there are some plant-based dishes but in general this plan is NOT vegan. 

! After purchase, the recipe book will be sent to your e-mail within 24 hours !

Enjoy the recipes!